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Do you wholesale?

Yes we do! Please email for all wholesale enquires.

How are the SewSew products made?

All SewSew products are made or finished by hand here in the SewSew studio! This means each individual piece gets the same level of care and attention and is finished to a very high standard.  It also means that each piece may differ very slightly to the one before it but thats all part of the charm!

We like your style! Can we feature you on our blog or magazine?

Here at SewSew we love it when people want to share our goodies with others! If you wish to feature us on your blog please note that all images from are the property of SewSew, and while we are happy for you to use them please credit them as so and link back to the SewSew site.  Also please do drop us a line and let us know so we can come over and have a look!

If you wish to feature SewSew in print then please do get in touch at to discuss the feature and for any high res images.

I'm so happy with my order! How can I show it?

We want you to love your SewSew shopping experience and nothing makes us happier than hearing back from you! You can get in touch via our facebook page and share your experiences and customer photos with us, or alternatively email us at

Actually I have a bone to pick....

Here at SewSew we want you to have the best shopping experience possible starting from arriving on the site right to opening your goodies as they are delivered!  If along the way you feel we have not met your expectations then we want to hear from you as well! Please do get in touch, again via either Facebook or email, and we will do whatever we can to solve the problem and leave you happy again!  


If you have any further questions or even want to just say a friendly hello, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Nice Things Made by Nice Hands