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Festive Goodies

Apologies for the silence over the past few weeks, as you can see from the above it's been pretty busy here at SewSew! Now I know what you're thinking, we're still clinging to the last few days of Summer and not quite ready to think about the C word yet. I hear ya!

But what kind of business woman/blogger/weird creature creator would I be if I didn't share all the goodies popping up in the shop?! A rubbish one! I promise though, after this I will give it at least 3 posts before mentioning anything to do with that particular day in December, because really it's ages away still! (This stage is called denial).

So you probably recognise some familiar faces amongst the above collection, the Sprouts have been a firm festive favourite for a while now! But I also have some brand new festive treats for 2015, and they are the ones I thought I'd show you in a bit more detail...

The Mistletoe Decoration

Mistletoe Brooch


Both are made from a premium felt with 100% wool felt balls and onyx eyes! I'm really happy with how they turned out and today I parcelled up the very first decoration to go to a new home! Yey!

Ok, I'm done for the time being and won't bring it up again for a while!

Have a lovely day! x

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Nice Things Made by Nice Hands