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Succulent Sprucing

Since I got my new succulent from the RHS Tatton Park Flower Show I thought it was time to rearrange my existing plants! I've been building up a little collection of succulents for a while now, they sit on my window sill in my workroom and look cheerful! Except lately they weren't looking quite so cheerful, I'd been neglecting them a bit! So I thought I'd take them outside for some air and sun light, which in theory was a good idea but I forgot I put them out there and it rained for days! Which would be fine except they were all in glass pots with no drainage so my poor succulents were sat in water for at least a week! Not good!

Glass containers are apparently a bit tricky for growing succulents, at least if you're a novice like me. Succulents need to be in well draining soil that can easily dry out in between watering, so ceramics or pots with drainage in are a good choice! To be honest the only reason I put them in there in the first place is because that's what I mainly had around the house, so I thought it was time to do a little plant pot shopping!

There are some amazing succulent planters around that I am obsessing over and will one day add to my collection, but I knew I needed a couple of pots for today and I didn't want to spend a fortune sprucing up my succulents, so I went to a local antique place to have a poke around and found these five beauties! All were around £2 - £3, bargain! You really don't have to spend a lot of money on a project like this and you can end up with a really fun, eclectic collection of planters. And yes, that is Shakespeare's head as a milk jug!

So, to the actual sprucing! (I think I'm saying sprucing too much!) First thing I did was to remove all succulents from their pots and laid them on a plastic sheet to let them dry out. They were soaked so I left them for a couple of days out of direct sunlight so they could recover.

Then the fun bit! I add small stones to the bottom to give extra drainage. This is especially important if your pot has no holes in the bottom. As succulents need lots of drainage it's best to get succulent and cactus soil, it's much sandier and lighter and your succulents will thank you for it! You can get both the soil and stones at your local gardening store (I got mine at B&Q for you brits!)and both go a long way. The soil was £4.20 and the stones £2.68!

That's is! My succulents have been given a snazzy (how old am I?) make over with very little impact to my purse! They're looking a lot perkier now and hopefully they'll keep getting better in their new homes! Remember to water thoroughly and let the soil dry in between! Good luck with your own succulents!

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