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Happy 1st August folks! Where on earth did July go?!

This past week was super busy. A lot of Christmas planning and making going on along side the usual orders, and then I got a custom request in doorstop form! Arnold and Gordon, the infamous SewSew doorstops, have been around for quite a while now and I've completely lost count of how many times I've made them! That's one of the aspects of this job that can be quite strange. You design something, you make it and you love it! And you photograph it and love it even more! And you put it online and other people love it too! Yay!

But then that means that your going to be making it quite a lot, not just one at a time either, but in batches. And then it gets even crazier because you get a wholesale order and you need to make 50 of each design by next week! What?!

Please don't get me wrong, all the above is awesome! And I still enjoy making the doorstops and I still really get a kick out of them, but after a while that initial excitement can wear off and making the new item you were so excited about becomes one of the daily tasks on your list that you need to tick off.

Cue a lovely customer who sent me a very nice email. She loved the doorstops but was wanting one a different colour to go in her baby's nursery. Could I possibly do one of my doorstops in pink? Er, hell yea I can! All of a sudden I was shooting back ideas of how to make it a little girlier, photographing swatches and discussing colour choices. And when the new materials arrived I was still pumped! I started cutting out and sewing and even though I was doing the exact same thing I'd done hundreds of times it felt new and exciting.

This probably seems silly of me, after all all I did was make it pink! But it got me thinking. The achievements we make and the fun things we create so easily blend into the back ground and become part of the everyday, while if you're anything like me, the mistakes you make or the work you're not getting to, or every other thing you're being hard on your self for is right there at the forefront, poking you in the temple! It's so easy to get bogged down in negative thoughts and doubts, especially when you run your own business. So it's nice to get reminded of what all this is really about in the first place, making nice things for nice people! Sometimes all it takes is for someone to come along and make you get out of your own head and look at something a little differently. I'm going to try my best to take this with me into the next week! And take a break from the temple poking for a bit. 

Have a lovely weekend! x 

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