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A Grand Day Out


Last week I got out of the work room and into a whole lot of antihistamine's (damn you hayfever!) to brave the mass pollen bubble that is an RHS show. It was totally worth it!

If you have never been to one of these shows they're so much fun! Even if you're not super into gardening and the thought of digging around in dirt makes your nose wrinkle (hey I hear you, there are spiders literally everywhere!) there is so much to see!

As a designer you can get so wrapped up in your own work, and in designing within your chosen field. So it was so inspiring to get out of my head and see design working on a whole different level!

The textures and colours were amazing and left me super inspired. Here's a taster of what I saw!

We were there all day and even then I'm sure we must have missed some bits, there was just so much to see! Of course I couldn't come away without bringing back a little something to add to the ever growing succulent collection for the work room, so I'll leave you with the latest addition to the work room!

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Nice Things Made by Nice Hands