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Chocolate and Whisky Bundt from Love and Olive Oil

As with many people one of my favourite things in life is cake. Cake in many forms. All deserts really! I've always had a sweet tooth and when I was a youngster my favourite was always chocolate fudge cake! Any time we went out for a meal I'd want to finish it of with a gooey slab of chocolate fudge cake. This went on for many years until over the last 5 or so years I've noticed my tastes starting to change.  The chocolate fudge cake is often ignored on the menu in favour of creamier, vanilla flavoured, custardy treats (except for brownies, brownies are always awesome, especially with raspberries in them!) Anyway, I thought my days of scoffing chocolate cake were gone. That was until this cake...

Now this is a bundt cake. As an English bird I was vaguely aware of these, but it wasn't until I started my travels to Canada that I really got to grips with this type of cake. On one of my trips I unearthed a dusty silicone bundt mould in a cupboard and decided to give it a go! They are awesome! They look so fun when they're turned out and there's none of that 'is it done in the middle?' malarky. There is no middle!

Anyway, I digress. This Chocolate Whiskey Bundt is from Love and Olive Oil, a fantastic blog from Lindsay and Taylor who create some of the best treats I've ever seen. Lindsay very kindly agreed to let me share these gorgeous pictures of their bundt cake for you good people which is just lovely of her! This cake is seriously one of the best thing's I have ever tasted. Chocolate cake for grown ups! It wasn't just me obsessing over it either. I made this for my parents who came for a recent visit and they loved it! A gorgeously moist cake with a lovely hint of whiskey running through. So easy to make as well! Everything goes into one pot, mixed, into the bundt tin and then baked. Easy! While it's getting cosy in the oven you make a gorgeous caramel sauce, (again with whiskey, because why wouldn't you?) and when the cake is out you pour it all over. Amazing.

If you're stuck for something to make for guests this week or just need a hit of delicious, grown up chocolate cake then head over to Love and Olive Oil right now for the full recipe. You wont regret it! What's this got to do with sewing and knitting? Absolutely nothing! I just had to share.


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