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Since the New Year I've been busy working on a few new things. Designing and making new products is always fun but there's no set formula and the experience is different from piece to piece.  Some things just seem effortless and are in the shop in no time! Other's can take a bit of coaxing and be a much slower process, here are two examples! 

The Mini Button! Since the somewhat more robust version of these brooches appeared in the shop I've been wanting to do a smaller version.  At 2.5cm they're so cute! Here they are in their natural state after being cut.  The next stage is to be oiled and finished with a brooch pin and possibly a nice coloured thread through the holes. I haven't decided yet!

One of the other products I've been playing with are some bird brooches. Here are the illustrations and once they are freshly cut!

The original idea for the bird was to have a colourful splash of paint somewhere, but the testers aren't quite there yet! As much as I like them there's still something missing so some redesigning is in order! Keep watching this space though as new stuff is going to be added over the next month! And as we are speaking the backing cards for the buttons have arrived plus another brand new product fresh from the laser cutters! Going to be a busy day!

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Nice Things Made by Nice Hands