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The Sprouts Are Back!

I'm so sorry for the gap in between posts lately! The last few week have been fairly hectic building up stock and finishing new products to get into the shop. Work is already busy with Christmas orders and the SewSew studio is a wash with the colour green due to the sprouty items! I'm excited to share one or two new items with you, though there are a few so I'll not bombard you with them all in this post! For today lets welcome back some festive favourites, and some new additions to the sprouty line! 

Both the Sprout Decoration (above) and the Sprout Brooch (below) are brand new this and I'm so happy with them!  I've been wanting to some products in wood for a while and think they make a lovely addition to the Sprout line!

The Christmas Sprout Tea Towel first made an appearance last year and was a big hit!  Got a big stack next to me ready to be ironed, folded and packed so I can see I'll be fairly busy the next few days on tea towel duty!
And let's not forget where it all began! This little fellow what the first Sprout product I made and has been massively popular over the last few Christmas.  Even after making so many they still make me chuckle!  Check out more products and more sprout pics in the shop!!

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Nice Things Made by Nice Hands