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As the end of August is in sight my mind starts to turn to all the cosy goodness of Autumn.  No! I hear you cry!  It's still warm and sunny!  I know, and I'm loving it too! But my fingers are getting a bit itchy for making all sorts of knitted treats and this year I'm determined not to do what I usually do: get to November and buy loads of wool to make Christmas gifts then get too busy with orders and end up buying stuff last minute! (I know, I said the C word, sorry!) So, I have decided to begin now and get gifts made early!  I get a bit obsessed when I get looking at knits on the web, there are so many talented people out there!  Here are a few of my favourites I found recently.....

1. Fairisle Blanket by Selvage; 2. Minnow Cowl by Megan Goodacre; 3. Ombre Mitts from Ship and Shape;Foxy & Wolfie by Ekaterina Blanchard; 5. Mitaines Rainbow by Elise Dupont

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Nice Things Made by Nice Hands