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So I have a complicated relationship with quilts.  I know, thats weird, but I've only ever made one in my lifetime and that was when I was 20 years old for my best friend's 21st.  The best friend in question by the way is Emsi and you'll see her popping up on here from time to time.  She'll kill me if I put up loads of pictures of her but just so you know who I'm talking about here she is peeping around Arnold….

 So the quilt I made her was one of the first things I made when I was first learning to sew at University.  I know, a bit adventurous!  Especially since I decided to embroider and appliqué into every square before I even started to sew it up.  It took months and months of cutting and stitching and many hours of frustration and swearing at my machine.  And if I thought that was bad then I had to start the actual quillting!  The thing was huge and my room tiny and there was fluff everywhere from the wadding!  And then came the final part, sewing the backing onto the finished quilt.  I'd decided to go with the usual; right sides together, sew leaving a gap, trim and turn inside out.  Should have been easy, unless you're me and make one of the stupidest sewing mistakes you can make.  Lesson learned; if you don't move excess fabric when you're trimming seams you will cut a dirty great hole in your work! Finally, after much more unpicking, repairing and I admit weeping it was done.  Luckily she loved it and still has it and after 9 years I'm starting to get itchy quilt feet!  Here are some lovely pieces of work I'm getting inspiration from!

                                                                          See Kate Sew


                                                                          Carson Too

                                                                      Happy Little Cottage

                                                                  Sew Kind Of Wonderful

                                                                           Ingrid Press

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Nice Things Made by Nice Hands