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How To: Strawberry Brooch

Happy monday to all!  No one likes the first day back to work and if you're happens to have been particularly rough, I have a fun little project for you to partake in to help you unwind!  This Strawberry Brooch is quick to make and super effective making it great to give as a present, or just to wear yourself! The good thing is most of the materials are things you'll probably already have in you stash.  As well as the materials shown below you will also need a blob of textile glue and brooch pin.  So what are you waiting for!?  Go get your felt!


Step One: The Seeds

Start with your red felt semi-circle and needle threaded with the yellow embroidery thread (I find 2 strands is enough). Starting with an outside corner work your way across and down making small seed-like stitches until you finish at the bottom in the centre.  The seeds should be going in a fan pattern when you are done as in picture 3.  Secure the last 'seed' at the back by stitching into it a few times.

Step Two: The Stitch Up

Thread your needle with your red cotton.  Fold your semi-circle in half and begin to stitch up the seam from the outside using a small, neat whip stitch.  Do this all the way up until you get to the top.  Secure with a few stitches but DO NOT break the thread.

Step Three: The Gathering

Starting from where you finished the seam, start to weave your needle along the top of your strawberry to create a running stitch.  Stop once you are all the way around and back to your seam and gently pull to start gathering the top together.  Push the stuffing inside and pull gently but firmly to draw the top to a close as tight as you can but being careful not to snap the thread.  Secure with a few stitches and DO NOT break the thread.

Step Four: The Greenery 

Using the green felt square, carefully cut out a rough star shape.  Put a blob of glue on top of your strawberry and push your stalk into place.  Carefully sew up through the gathered top of your strawberry and through the stalk and back through.  Do this twice to make a small cross on top of the stalk and to secure the stalk.  Secure underneath the stalk and cut off the red thread.

Step Five: The Making of the Brooch

So now you have successfully made a felt strawberry!  Good work!  Let's make it into a brooch!!!  Now this step can be very tricky and complex.  Wait for glue the brooch pin onto the strawberry!  Now I find the best glue to use for this is Gutterman textile glue.  It's brilliant on fabrics but really strong for jewelry making as well which means you can use these cute circular brooch pins which require no stitching.  There are all manner of brooch pins out there on the web though so feel free to use whichever you please!  Hold the pin in place for a few seconds to make sure it holds and then leave to dry completely.  And you're done!  Your own Strawberry Brooch!  Have a play with other fabrics and patterns, maybe try small seed beads instead of stitched seeds.  Whatever you fancy!

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